'Our Community is family. Family is what Drives us.'

Lew Swan - Founder

Meet Lew Swan

As a native to Oregon and with his background in manufacturing and metal fabrication, Lew began a business with his father assembling racing sand dragsters from scratch – a business that instilled into Lew the meticulous attention to detail that brought with it the gravity of life and death consequences.

As Lew developed his passion for the extraction equipment industry throughout the last ten years, he brought with him the same level of accuracy – allowing him to create a business built around exceptional quality with safety at the heart. He believes in empowering clients through proper training- increasing knowledge in order to ensure safety and quality yield.  

Lew founded Subzero Scientific to pull together his passions and skills in fabrication, education, and business to innovate within an industry he is dedicated to.

a changing industry

As we operate in an industry in the midst of legalization and regulation, we understand the crucial importance of trust. In a growing market with new businesses in early stages of understanding, we are dedicated to both providing consistent high quality equipment and providing education, training, and support. Trust is important to us.



The safest extraction equipment operated by the most qualified operators producing the highest quality extracts in the world.


To produce the most trusted extraction equipment in the industry coupled with expert training creating opportunity for our clients to generate the highest quality product.

A bit about us at Subzero

Subzero Scientific is a trailblazing manufacturing company with a singular focus of building the world’s best extraction equipment.

We deliver an exceptional system of tools designed for beginning to end product creation.  We have perfected the manufacturing process to produce quality equipment that allows our clients to yield the highest quality product on the market without over promising results. Our customers are comprised of determined businesses whose livelihood depends on the products we create.

As one of the first extraction manufacturing companies in the United States, we have dedicated years to understanding the needs of this industry, anticipating market development, and producing equipment that allows our clients to start and scale in a continuously shifting political and legal climate. We continue to innovate technologies that are being widely adopted – including being the first to make a patented dry ice sleeve and having the lowest temperature closed-loop extractors in the industry.

The combination of being extractors ourselves along with previously customizing manufacturing to our client’s specifications has given us incredible and unique insights into what it takes to operate in this field. In doing so we have identified the features of machinery that are most important to our clients and have now created a line of products that incorporates these critical features that serve to enhance final product.

We celebrate movement in this industry, operate with openness and trustworthiness, and stand with our clients as they start and scale their businesses.


We innovate and manufacture the world's best extraction equipment by a team including ASME certified welders. More importantly, we value our partnerships and will provide traning
and support to our clients through the entire life of the equipment.


710 NE Cleveland Ave. Ste 120
Gresham, OR 97030
(503) 666-3342