Subzero Scientific


Subzero Scientific designs and manufactures the highest quality, lowest-temperature, closed-loop oil extractors in the industry. Through our quality craftsmanship and patent-pending technology, our systems ensure the most efficiency in making high-quality oils.

Helping you scale and build your business is at the core of our mission. Our team offers exclusive support, unprecedented guidance, and tailored education to meet your needs. Whether you are exploring the purchase of your first extractor or fine-tuning your extraction processes, we are here for you.

If your business now requires safe, reliable, and consistent technology with a proven track record for the highest yields and highest quality oils/shatter, it is time to contact us.

Our Extractors are the best that ever existed

Our extractors are 100% hand-crafted in the USA, using USA Stainless Steel, assembled by ASME certified welders. We offer three distinct product lines to match your processing needs to specific batch sizes:

Our smallest model is the 1 pound closed-loop extraction system. This system is optimized for extractors to meet their personal needs and for smaller batch focused businesses.

Our next model is a 2 pound system. This is a wonderful starting point for a business that are either exploring processing on a commercial level or also producing smaller batches that are strain specific for commercial or personal-use.

Our biggest systems are 5 and 10 pounds. These units are perfect for the experienced extractors and businesses that are interested mass productions of strain-specific batches.

Remember, our systems use columns that are backwards-compatible with our smaller systems. This means that a 5 pound system that can be ran with an 1 or 2 pound column. This way you are never forced into only running large batches even if you have a 10 or a 5 pound system. Purchase a large system with an additional smaller sized column and tailor your extractions to your needs!