Our Certified ethanol extractor is one of the coldest closed-loop extraction system in the industry and renowned for quality, safety, and efficiency. 

A true engineering breakthrough

Saves you Time & Money

With a focus on making it smarter not bigger, the Subzero Ethanol Extraction system is comprised of a Certified 50 Liter Solvent vessel, a single jacketed reactor vessel, and a holding vessel. Subzero builds the coldest extraction systems in the world because we care about the filtration and quality of the final product. This system has been certified to extract 15-35 lbs of biomass per hour. The Ethanol Extraction System includes a cryogenic ultra low chiller and a single phase pump.

Note: Larger Ethanol Extractors are available upon request. Just get in touch to inquire. 

Lifetime warranty on all Subzero-manufactured parts


Price: $120,000
Install/Setup: $5,000
* financing available

Price: $125,000
Install/Setup: $5,000
* financing available

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Technical Stats

Extraction Capacity
Certified 50 L Vessel
Cycle time is 1 hour
Chiller (Included)
Pump (included)
Single Phase 110V 60 hZ
Temperature Range
-65º to 110ºF
Energy Requirements
Up to 480 V 60 Hz

We innovate and manufacture the world's best extraction equipment by a team including ASME certified welders. More importantly, we value our partnerships and will provide traning
and support to our clients through the entire life of the equipment.

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