Diamondstein 8″x6″


The Subzero Scientific team is excited to announce our latest product.. the Diamondstein! A purpose built sanitary pressure vessel designed specifically for crystal growth and terpene separation.

Our Diamondstein is hand crafted out of the highest quality stainless steel and features stainless steel jacketing for heat or cold, MetaGlassTM high pressure sight glasses, Swagelok valves and compression fittings, liquid filled compound gauge, pressure release valve, cryogenic release valve, Viton gasket and high pressure stainless steel sanitary clamp.

The Diamondstein is designed to increase production of crystals and maximize throughput of finished extract by allowing you to precisely control the temperature and pressure of the vessel. These factors are what determine how quickly crystals form in your extract.

As the saying goes, “Pressure makes diamonds.” Our vessels are designed to reach 250 PSI at 70 degrees Fahrenheit allowing you to greatly speed up the initial crystal seeding and growth stage. Our ASME design has a Physical Engineering report with stamps for ten states and meets the compliance statues for certified laboratories.

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