20 Liter Stainless Steel Cold Trap

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Options For Cooling: Standard 4"x18" Dry-Ice Cold Finger With Dip-Tube 250 in²
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If you're looking for great pump protection during distillation and want to keep nasty burnt terpenes and volatiles from destroying your seals, then this is the answer you've been looking for. 

If you want to trap and recover usable terpenes from your vacuum oven, then place this inline between the oven and vacuum pump and stop wasting away those valuable terpenes. 

Unit comes with 4"x18" dry ice finger* with a dip-tube for use with chillers. 

Upgrade to the Subzero Coil** insert for 4x more surface area! 

*251 in²

**1400 in²

This product is proudly overbuilt in Oregon 

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