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Introducing The Einstein & Einstein Plus

Falling Film Evaporator

The Einstein

Next-generation reduction system designed to provide an incredible array of advantages over traditional rotary evaporators. They are designed to meet the needs of large-scale production facilities and are guaranteed to save critical time and cost.

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Exceptional Quality

Subzero Scientific designs and manufactures the highest quality, lowest-temperature, closed-loop extraction equipment in the industry. Through our quality craftsmanship and patent-pending technology, our systems ensure great efficiency in producing world class extracts. 

Expert service

Our equipment is just the beginning. When you purchase Subzero Scientific machinery, you also receive our team of experts who provide education and support through the entire life of your machine. Your success determines our success, we will be with you throughout your entire process

Transparent Pricing

Upfront honest costs are core to our pricing philosophy. We are able to offer competitive pricing and transparent cost breakdown. The price you see is the price you will be charged, because in Oregon, we do not charge a sales tax. 

Financing and leasing options are available.

Certified Welders

Our machines are designed and hand-crafted in the USA, using American Stainless Steel, assembled by a talented team including ASME certified welders. Delivered reliably every time.

It’s Cold At The Top

Best Materials · Handcrafted in Oregon · Zero Compromises

Better Design

Just like you we are a team of extractors. We build with meticulous attention to detail with a focus on safety. As one of the longest standing businesses in the industry, we have dialed into the needs of our customers and incorporate those into the design. 

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Our reputation is built on your ability to consistently produce the best concentrates in the industry. You will accomplish this with our exceptionally crafted equipment coupled with ongoing training and support as you explore the art of extraction and scale your business.

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Some of our Customers

“The best CLS on the market! Not just the best CLS but the best customer service I have ever experienced in a company. The Subzero family is an amazing group of people and they are always there for you. Safety is a priority with Subzero and that is what we need in this industry. Thank you to the Subzero Family for always being there for us and all of your amazing support! Keep Rockin…. One love!”

“My team and I met with the folks over at subzero and they are all just really nice awesome people who are willing to help you and explain to you in various areas”

“Love everything about the company I been using the old model for about 5 months already this is the best of the best I would love to get an upgrade pretty soon nothing but gold”

“I couldn’t be more happy with my newest version of the SubZero CLS. Awesome product made by awesome people with a great level of proper knowledge and customer service. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to achieve the highest caliber of extraction gear.”

“The best closed loop company! These guys make the best machines and they have Incredible customer support !”

“Top rate service , knowledgeable staff, epic products, everything you would want and more!!!!!”

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Subzero Scientific Extraction


Learn to extract from the best, JD our Subzero Scientific extractor!

We innovate and manufacture the world's best extraction equipment by a team including ASME certified welders. More importantly, we value our partnerships and will provide traning
and support to our clients through the entire life of the equipment.


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