Eliminator Hydrocarbon FFE

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THE ELIMINATOR is our newest product in our FFE lineup. THE ELIMINATOR is technically a BUTANE FALLING FILM EVAPORATOR or "BFFE" and is a 5 LBS. passive extraction system when paired with 2 solvent tanks or can be purchased just as a FFE skid with no solvent tanks.

This system also comes in 2 variations, one with a dry ice sleeved shell and tube exchanger to ELIMINATE high powered chillers or a jacketed one if you prefer a chiller. 

Utilizing a tankless water heater for the "hot side" and using either dry ice or cryo chiller for the "cold side" this system can achieve 2 lbs. min of butane recovery. 

Keep in mind that this is a true FFE so you are separating and recovering all in one step right out of the material column. 


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