Julabo MX-BC12-CSA/UL

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MAGIO MX-BC12 heating circulator with 12L bath tank and lid with 3 kW heating power to +300 °C. Large, color touchscreen UI with built-in help functions. For internal and external temperature applications. Includes Intelligent Cascade Control, self-optimizing for optimum results with settings for band limit, limit setting, co-speed factor and control dynamics. A variable speed pressure / suction pump provides strong circulation for internal or external applications. A built-in cooling coil enables counter cooling with tap water. Barbed fittings for 8 and 12 mm ID tubing are included (pump connections M16x1 male). Includes Pt100 connection for external monitoring and control, electronically adjustable pressure/suction pump, RS232/RS285, USB and Ethernet ports with optional slot for analog communication (requires module 9900100). Modbus TCP/IP incorporated. Stakei port for external accessory control (solenoid valve, etc.). Class III (FL) according to DIN 12876-1.

Included with each unit: 2 each barbed fittings for tubing 8 and 12 mm inner dia. (pump connections M16x1 male).

Working Temp Range: +20C - +300C

Heating Capacity: 3kW @ 230V

 Pump Capacity Flow Pressure (psi): 3.5-13.3

Pump Capacity Flow Rate (l/min): 16-31

Reservoir Volume: 12 Liters 

Power Requirements: 200-230V/50-60Hz

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