Leybold PHOENIX 4 Helium leak detector

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The fourth PHOENIX generation - Where precision meets speed

Often the success of any business depends on quality, and having the right tools and equipment is critical to ensuring top performance and output across R&D departments, as well as in fast-paced production and manufacturing facilities.

We also see applications becoming more specialized, processes being more demanding, yet time for analysis and testing becoming less.

When it comes to vacuum system leak detection you can rely on our PHOENIX leak detectors.

The product portfolio of the PHOENIX 4 family provides the perfect device for a variety of applications.

  • The PHOENIX Quadro – as a universal, portable helium leak detector − is the all-rounder in its class. For applications with larger test volumes, which require faster pump down or repeated measuring cycles from atmosphere to test pressure.
  • The PHOENIX Magno provides just the right high pumping speed
  • PHOENIX Vario is fully flexible and compact. It knows to convince with its unique free selection of the backing pump that is to be connected.

All versions are suited for the use in vacuum as well as sniffer operation.

The PHOENIX Quadro and PHOENIX Magno are available with oil-sealed or dry-running backing pumps as well as in a variety of different voltage versions.

The PHOENIX 4 series offers all the necessary connections for accessories including the sniffer line or the partial flow system.

Furthermore, it has easily accessible USB ports and additional controlling interfaces. We offer a range of interface modules with suitable communication standards for different needs: you can choose between an I/O module, Profibus®, Profinet®, Devicenet® or Ethernet/IP. 

The PHOENIX line has an improved service and maintenance concept. The filter can be changed from the outside, without removing the cover, letting you save time and focus on your measurements! 


Portable helium leak detector

The PHOENIX Quadro is a portable helium leak detector, which can be used in many different applications.

The accurate measuring system and the intuitive operation of the PHOENIX Quadro ensure simple and highly reliable leak detection. The PHOENIX Quadro dry has a dry-running backing pump and thus an oil-free pump system.

When it comes to applications that require oil-free pumping, the PHOENIX Quadro dry is therefore the ideal choice for reliable and efficient leak detection.

Advantages to the user

  • Detects very small leaks quickly and reliably
  • Very fast operational readiness
  • Extremely short response times
  • Rapid decontamination time in case of helium contamination
  • Very high detection sensitivity
  • Convenient remote control via smartphone or tablet PC without software installation
  • Variety of interfaces for optimal device communication
  • Innovative color touch display
  • Long life span of the components
  • Oil-free pumping system with the PHOENIX Quadro dry
  • Internal data memory as well as simple data output via USB

The PHOENIX Quadro and Quadro dry are available with oil-sealed or dry backing pumps.

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