Size: CRX 10kg
Sale price$300.00


CRY™ is an aggressive variant of CRX™. Elementally, CRY™ has about 1.5X the embedded silica content when compared to CRX™. This allows CRY™ to filter a wider range of compounds than CRX™ alone and allows extractors the ability to quickly tune their media. Consider using a blend of CRX™ and CRY™ on the most difficult to process materials. Bro, media so aggressive it makes you want to CR

 CRX™ is the new standard in filtration media for inline cannabis hydrocarbon extraction. Designed for high flow, safety, and ease of use, our non-reactive CRX™ blend fully retains terpene and cannabinoid profiles for a perfect, consistent final extract, every time.

No baking, prepping, or packing media; CRX™ is an all-natural filter media ready-to-go right out of the package! Its granular size allows for easy handling, high flow, and low-pressure drops.


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