Pfeiffer Portable Leak Detector Model ASM 310

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Highly compact and light in weight, the leak detector ASM 310 requires low maintenance. Its low weight and universal voltage enable the ASM 310 to be easily operated anywhere in the world. A transport case to safeguard against shipping damage and a trolley are available as accessories.

  • Backing capacity 1.7 m³/h
  • Pumping speed for He 1.1 l/s
  • Inlet pressure 15 hPa
  • Minimum detectable leak rate 5·10-13 Pa m3/s

The control panel integrates magnets, enabling the operator to place it on a metallic base. The unique color touchscreen display can be individually adjusted. As a result, only information that the user actually needs for his task are displayed. The menu is password-protected to prevent unauthorized access to the settings of the device.

The ASM 310 can likewise be operated with the wireless remote control RC 10. This enables the leak detector to be operated even from a distance of up to 100 meters.


  •  Lightweight and portable, only 21 kg
  • Smart design with retractable handle
  • Easy to move
  • Detachable control panel
  • On-demand operating interface
  • Intuitive and customizable menu
  • Small footprint, small size
  • Can be operated in any position
  • Large, bright color touchscreen
  • Color graphics functionality
  • Password-protected display
  • Integrated SD memory card for recording, downloading data and parameter settings
  • Voice synthesize

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